Horaire des cours / Classes Schedule

Classes Schedule

Classes are usually 1x a week Friday’s at 5:30 at Bharat Bhavan 4225 Rue Notre Dame Ouest (Place St. Henri Metro) Telephone: (514) 904 1675

Registration fees 65$ at the time of registration. (pl pay the money at the joining date)

Beginner’s 6.30- 7.30pm intermediate 7.30-8.30pm. The hour can vary slightly.

Private classes: Early morning classes are in my home. They start at 10am.

For Sunday group classes: Contact: Centre de Tutorat Lairotut Call 514-513-9225 7290 Hutcherson #410 (Metro parc) or  514-277-6116 The classes are from 2-3 pm. From 6 years old and up lairotut@gmail.com

Courses offered:

1. Intensive Kathak training & Indian folk Dances for children and adults from 6yrs of age

2. Professional training for individual with previous knowledge in dance

3. Good living through Kathak  Short course For refreshing your body &soul (anybody can join).

The  kathak course will be soon affiliated from one of the India govt recognized boards which are entitiled to give BA & Ma degree in Classical dance

NOTE: Sangeet Academy tabla classes resume with Shawn Mativetsky. They are also held at (Bharat Bhavan )

Contact: sudeshnamaulikkathak@gmail.com  Tel: (514) 467 3461

Advanced Indo-dance Workshop with Sudeshna Maulik April 22 7-9pm

Advanced Indo-dance Workshop

Advanced Indo-dance Workshop


One Response to “Horaire des cours / Classes Schedule”

  1. devina2 March 3, 2011 at 4:07 am #

    Hope that u continue teaching in downtown montreal, I would like my child to learn dance with you 🙂

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