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27 Sep

This is my 1st blog post. Hello and thanks for visiting. I will try to update as much as possible

I’d like to tell you about the Quebeasia Dance Performance Series.
We have been working hard to make this a successful event.  I will be appearing on Oct 22 & 23, 2009.  You may purchase tickets from me or use the links below.

You can also visit the Facebook group here.

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 Quebeasia Dance Performance Series

These are the dates for my performances:

“A glimpse of the Islamic performing arts present in Asia”
Thursday, October 22, 2009 at 8pm
Manijeh Ali, Amrita Choudhury and Sudeshna Maulik

“The essence of Indian classical dance in a contemporary style”
Friday, October 23, 2009 at 8pm
Manijeh Ali, Sonia Lopez and Sudeshna Maulik

Purchase tickets:

To reserve your seats, please go to http://www.quebeasia.org/billets_tickets.htmselect “Buy Tickets” and select “ SUDESHNA

Pour reserver votre place, http://www.quebeasia.org/billets_tickets.htmcliquer “Billet” et ” cliquer “ SUDESHNA

Here is some background on the project in both English and French.

The QuebeAsia Dance Performance Series aims at providing an opportunity for Quebec-based performing artists who explore Asian themes and/or Asian-based dance forms to present excerpts of their new work to the public in an intimate setting. The initiative is based on collaboration. With the help of shared resources and technology, the QuebeAsia Dance Performance Series seeks to overcome the funding and institutional barriers to the growth of performing artists in the contemporary dance milieu of Quebec. It also seeks to promote public awareness of Asian-based dance forms and Asian-related themes – be they historical, social, political, or esthetical. The QuebeAsia Dance Performance Series is an initiative of Silken Dance (www.silkendance.org)La première édition de la série de représentations en danse de QuébéAsia est fier de présenter les œuvres de sept chorégraphes québécois: Manijeh Ali, Reena Almoneda-Chang, Amrita Choudhury, Sonia Lopez, Sudeshna Maulik, Justine Ricard, et Roger Sinha. Le premier soir nous offre un aperçu du monde islamique de l’Asie. Ce monde, tel qu’il est interprété, est subtil, mystique et poétique. La deuxième soirée illustre l’essence de la danse classique indienne dans un style contemporain. La troisième soirée est dédiée à l’exploration des thèmes sociaux à travers des esthétiques asiatiques diverses.
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