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Solo Performances

(a) “Hands & Feet”

Excerpts from Hands and Feet, a traditional kathak performance can be viewed at

Hands and Feet (2009), a 50 mins Indian dance production that features solo kathak dance with live music accompaniment. Featuring tabla by Shawn Mativetsky and Sarod By Raja Bhattacharya,  Hands and Feet is the outcome of a dynamic collaboration between Maulik and Mativetsky, beautifully complemented by the musical expression of the sarodist & video By Martin Lemieux

Hands and Feet enchants the heart of hundreds, gloriously hinting at beauty and spirituality by merging kathak, a pure and narrative North Indian dance form, with live music. The intimate interaction between the performers upholds the traditional essence, even when the boundaries are pushed beyond. The piece has been widely accepted by diverse audiences in Montreal, as well as acknowledged into the mainstream milieu. Pragati newspaper wrote, “Sudeshna mesmerized the audience by her solo kathak performance which spoke of her devotion and integrity for her dance form” and that “Shawn Mativetsky on tabla was a sheer pleasure to watch and so was Jacob Charkey on cello.”

The full version of Hands and Feet was showcased on Thursday, October 1st 2009 at 7:30pm at Tanna Schulich Recital Hall, 555 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, in Montreal, in celebration of International Music Day.  After that it had been performed in severel venues across  United States & Canada


(b) Solo Performance “Soul of Ganges”

A magical evening, evoking the mystical beauty of the river Ganges

From the dawn of Indian civilization, the mighty course of the River Ganges (Ganga in Hindi) shaped and nourished the cultural, artistic, and spiritual identity of the people who lived along its bank. Soul of Ganges celebrates that essence through North Indian classical music and dance, invoking the mystical journey of the Ganges – beginning in the lofty heights of the Himalayas, abode of Lord Shiva, continuing its path through the sacred city of Varanasi , and culminating in the ocean.

Une soirée magique évoquant la beauté mystique De la fleuve Gange de musique indienne,pour la première fois à Quebec !

Depuis l’aube de la civilisation indienne, le cours puissant du Gange (Ganga en hindi) a façonné et nourri l’identité culturelle, artistique, et spirituelle des personnes qui vivaient le long de sa banque. Soul of Ganges (âme du Gange) célèbre ce fait essentiel à travers la musique et la danse classique de l’Inde du nord, en invoquant le voyage mystique du Gange – lequel commence aux sommets de l’Himalaya, la demeure du Seigneur Shiva, puis poursuit son chemin à travers la ville sacrée de Varanasi, et finit dans l’océan

Duo Performances


Video here:

see poster here

Originally conceived as a 22 mins piece in the production “Crossroads” (produced By MAI), with live music performed on tabla and cello, Hands and Feet is now also available in a longer version of 50mins.  Additionally, both Sudeshna and Shawn, being experienced arts educators, are equally committed to presenting unique workshops with the public. They are both at ease in English and French.


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